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Autumn Term 2-11-20 to 18-12-20

To help support learning for students who are self-isolating we have created simplified curriculum plans. There is a separate curriculum plan for each subject.

This plan breaks down what the student would be doing each week in their subject from now until the end of the Autumn term.

If a student is absent they should access these plans for each of their subjects and look at the specific week.

The curriculum plans are broken down into 3 key areas.

  • The first area shows students where they can access the home learning for that subject, it may be through Microsoft Teams, Show my homework etc. The second row will tell students how they can interact with the teacher and gain feedback on their work.
  • The second are is focused on retrieval. This is how we will help students to recall previously learnt knowledge and will help to support long term learning.
  • The final section is focused on the new learning that will take place. This will include what they will be learning about, how they will learn about it (Which could be through a Microsoft teams lesson, YouTube video, pre recorded video, PowerPoint or through a link to an online resource), what activities they will need to do to practice what they have been taught and what they can do if they are stuck.

Please click on the subject below to access the simplified curriculum plan for that subject.